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Begining in year 2005 MADCAP was the 1st swiss vinyl toy company.

They licensed, produced and distributed works of Kika and NadaOne, the two owners and creators through the really small circle of the collector toy industry until 2010.

MADCAP produced 5 T-shirt in a very limited edition with TILT, BLOO EMPIRE, TOAST, NADAONE & DGPH.

The AQUAPODS characters from AboutKika was licensed by RED MAGIC and been produced in vinyl toy for the LOVE ORIGINAL PROJECT.

The AQUAPODS soft toys was produced directly by MADCAP and distributed all around the globe.

They was invited to participate and exhibit their company during the 1st. SGTCC - Singapore Toy Conference.

They presented PHANTOMAS toy and the highly anticipated KID666 vinyl toy who was licensed and produced by TOY2R.